Anna Freschi

Anna Freschi is a Vancouver based artist who works mainly in mixed media. She uses a variety of materials including acrylics, photography, inks, charcoal and oils and wax. When working a piece, she may start loose and abstractly and build photography into it or develop a work based around a photograph or idea.  "Combining realism with the abstract allows me to reflect both the realm we inhabit and the feelings and memories it evokes". Trees and flower are a reoccurring theme in many of her paintings.


  Anna studied fine arts at the University of British Columbia earning a Bachelors Degree and teaching certification (Simon Fraser University) and went on to teach in the Vancouver school District.  She returned to art and painting  after many years raising a family and has been building her practice for about 10 years. Anna continues to explore and expand her work through workshops with local and international artists and at The ArtWay Studios in Vancouver.